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reverse-it spray bottles

Product Overview

Got a smelly situation?  
Reverse-It stops lingering difficult to eliminate smells.
What makes Reverse-It unique among deodorizers is that it neutralizes odors instead of covering up one smell with another. It works on the scientific concept of odor conjugation with the ability to eliminate odors at their source.

Reverse-It is versatile: it completely eliminates pet odors, sweat smells, cigarette and vinegar smells. Use it to clear that perfume-like smell that other deodorizers leave behind. Reverse-It effectively treats odors on any water safe surface including clothing, carpets, draperies, upholstery, mattresses, and even skunk-sprayed dogs. 

This odor neutralizer is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-toxic. It is an environmentally responsible product: biodegradable, enzyme free, non-caustic, and contains no bactericides, metallic salts, petroleum, phenol or phenol derivatives.  Reverse-It is phosphate free, will not contaminate food or potable water, and will not irritate animals or plants.
Available in three levels of ready to use concentrates: Everyday Fresh, Corrective and Major Event.


Can be used at schools, buses, locker rooms and on sports equipment

Can be used in nursing homes & health care facilities

Completely eliminates pet odors, even urine and wet dog odor!

Use it on furniture, laundry hampers, sports equipment locker room and your gym shoes!

Keep a bottle in the car for smoke, coffee, food and body odors!

Great for controlling cooking odors like fried fish, onions garlic and cilantros…spices!

Eliminates sour milk and kitchen grease odors

Eliminates the embarrassing odors in the bathroom!

Eliminates gasoline, diesel and methane smell

Eliminates smelly garbage can odors…………DUMPSTERS

Great for diaper pails!

Strong enough to get rid of the strongest smell of all – Skunk!

100% Biodegradable! Containers can be reused or recycled

Available sizes:
2-oz. Personal Traveler - This mini pump bottle can go anywhere, even in your carry-on bag on your next flight. 
4-oz. Counter Convenience - The counter convenience pump bottle is small enough to keep at your reception desk as a first line of defense.
16-oz. Spray Bottle - Our 16 ounce spray bottle is ergonomically designed with a comfort grip and provides both “spray” and “stream” settings. 
1 Gallon Refill - All of our bottles are designed to be reused and refilled. Our 1-Gallon Refill is your most economical buy, and makes it easy for you to be green

For the Reverse-it technical data click here.