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Graffiti Proofer

graffiti proofer can and bucket

Product Overview

It’s your property - You choose the art

Graffiti Proofer’s patented anti-stick clear coating prevents paint and markers from bonding to surfaces. Most graffiti can be removed with a dry paper towel or a light hosing off.

Graffiti Proofer actually repels slap tags and stickers. Many types of stickers won't stick at all - they just slide right off. 

Graffiti Proofer protects an amazing variety of surfaces: glass, concrete, exposed aggregate and stucco from malicious graffiti.

Graffiti Proofer dries quickly and it’s durable: through expansion, contraction, UV exposure and temperature extremes. Made in California.

Join these happy users of Graffiti Proofer: Caltrans, Cities of Hayward, San Jose, Stanton, Brentwood, Los Angeles & Morgan Hill. San Jose Downtown Association, San Francisco Presidio, San Jose Department of Transportation, Cleansource, Whole Foods and many more.

No more “art without permission” with Graffiti Proofer.

  1.  Mix or shake the product well before application.
  2.  Test all surfaces prior to full application for esthetics and performance.
  3.  Apply your first application of the product with a Hudson Sprayer, HVLP, airless sprayer or pump sprayer from a top down fashion. Use a flood coat and apply liberally.
  4. Test adhesion to survaces or substrates where adhesion may be in question.
  5. Dry-to-touch: 15-45 minutes; Dry-to-handle: 45-1.5 hours; Full Cure: 12-24 hours.
  6. Re-coat: Wet-on-wet - 10 to 45 minutes
  7. A single coat may be sufficient but a second or third coat can be applied depending on your application, substrate or requirements.
  8. Clean up: Soap and water
  9. Consult the product's MSDS before application.

For the graffiti proofer MSDS data click here.

For a presentation on the Graffiti Proofer product click here