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Anti-Skid Membrane

anti-skid membrane bucket

Product Overview

Our Anti-Skid Membrane is a paintable material that covers walking surfaces to make them safe. They fill in cracks and cover slippery areas with a substance that grips shoes and feet better. This means less leakage, less slipping, and less tripping over cracks.

Anti-Skid Membrane requires only one coat and is easily spread with a broom, brush or squeegee. Anti-Skid is water-based, latex, synthetic membrane BSM-1600. It has a very low VOC rating, so it’s safe for the person applying it. You won’t have to use solvents to clean up, and you won’t have to worry about a two-part epoxy not setting up right.

Places that need Anti-Skid Membrane:

•  Traction strips that can peel and (ironically) create their own hazard with loose edges.

•  Ladder steps and stair treads.

•  Truck beds and lift gates for traction.

•  Foot bridges; Anti-Skid Membrane adheres to wood.

•  Tennis and other sports courts, and playgrounds.

•  Basically, any surface prone to falls and lawsuits, such as shopping mall and theme park walkways, swimming pool decks, and boat docks.

•  Two-way bike path center lines to supplant slippery thermal plastic ones.

Available in a select variety of colors. Custom colors can be ordered with batches of 55 gallons or more.

•  Asphalt walkways, pathways, driveways, parking lots, entrances, stairways and warehouses

•  Concrete floors, garages, warehouses, walkways, breezeways and bridges

•  Sports courts, tennis courts and game rooms

•  Shopping malls, office buildings and industrial park entrances

•  Theme parks, swimming pool decks, docks and piers

•  Can use multiple colors to paint designs, logos, patterns, etc.

For technical data about our Anti-Skid Membrane click here.