Our “Next Generation” building and maintenance goods hold true to our promise to bring you cost effective, efficient products that work.  

Using our HELIX Micro-Rebar allows you to have concrete 4 times stronger using only ½ of the steel normally needed. Reduced material waste. HELIX is made from recycled steel. Six categories of LEED points. 33% reduction in CO2 compared to rebar. This innovative product is revolutionizing reinforced concrete. Licensed structural engineer's review of structural steel plans provide side-by-side cost and strength comparisons. 

Avoid polluting your job sites and playing with poisonous toxins by using our Liquid Hammer acid-free concrete dissolver.  No more Haz-Mat suits and containment woes because Liquid Hammer is neutralized with water and can be hosed off on site.  Cleans  your tools, vehicles and forms without damaging them.

But why paint when you can EnerFlect it. This latex based elastomeric coating covers, seals, and contains billions of tiny thermos’s effectively acting like R-32 insulation on your roof.

Using our latex one part Anti-Skid Coating reduces VOC’s while giving you a sealer coating that covers asphalt, steel, concrete or wood. This coating is tough enough for semi’s to drive over and the most popular color is “Toon Town Grey” as used in a small amusement park in Anaheim.

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Ferguson Energy Savings products keep money in your pocket by cutting your heating and cooling costs in buildings or boosting your vehicle efficiency. Simple and effective energy savings with immediate results and fast payback are what Ferguson’s Energy Savings Products provide.   

Our EnerFlect coating extends the life of your roof as it seals 1/8” cracks and crevices as well as protecting it from the expansion and contraction due to heat shock. It applies like paint but acts like thick insulation typically cutting cooling costs by 15-20%. When used on air ducts and pipes it holds the hot in heating systems and the cool in AC systems.